Local Tourist – Kirkcudbright

This image contains a photograph of a house painted in bright blue and lilac with a pink door.  Below the photograph is the title 'Krikcudbright'.
An image containing a photograph of boats in front of a hill and moody dark clouds.  The caption below reasons Kircudbright Marine
Three photographs of a fishing boat.  The top shows the boat named Mytilus - Belfast.  The middle image looks to be three portholes.  The bottom image is green texture metal with diagonal lines with signs of discolouration or rust.
Image shows text stating "MacLellan's Castle.  This Historic Scotland site was built in the late 16th Century for the MacLellan family."

Above is an image of MacLellan's Castle with an overcast clouds and blue sky breaking through.
Image shows text stating "Broughton House and Garden.  This National Trust for Scotland site was the Edwardian home of artist E A Hornel.  He was one of the radical young panniers known as 'The Glasgow Boys'.  The works of award-winning artist in residence, Ewan McClure, can also be seen here.  Don't forget to visit the beautiful Japanese-Inspired gardens."

Below is an image of the house's front door and tree shrubs.
Two photohgraphs taken within Broughton House and Gardens.  Top photograph shows four chairs arranged in from of a fire in a lounge style room.

Bottom image shows an artists works with paintings in differing stages of completion.
Photographs of flowers, leaves and stones on a pond at Broughton House  Gardens
Two aerial photography images of Kirkcudbright taken from the Marina with boats in the foreground and the town