Photo Story / Gracie

From time to time, I intend to write a Photo Story on a specific photograph I have taken which has a significant meaning. This will be the first.

Gracie the pug came to us as a rescue dog in need of love and attention. She is an excitable creature who likes to get her on way, especially when insisting on 4am walks.

The following photograph was taken when visiting my grandma, who like many others, is fond of Gracie. It was an noticeably hot day and we had taken grandma through to the conservatory. After a few minutes Gracie slouched down in the quintessential pug pose with an appearance of slight sadness.

 Black and white cose up of Gracie the pug's face.

Canon 400d 18-55mm ISO 800 51mm f8 1/100th

I had taken my camera with me that day to get a few photos of grandma. On seeing Gracie resting, I put my camera directly on the floor in front of her and took the shot, I had an idea of the composition I was looking for but most likely had it set to Auto for all settings. Personally, as photography is subjective, when I looked at the camera display, I thought this looked like a keeper. On importing the image to my computer, it was immediately singled out as one of my favourites. I decided to convert the image to black and white which made the image more striking (the floor was green and the colours detracted from the image).

From a critical perspective, I would have preferred the left side of the face was in the frame, however I do believe that the emotion in her face still projects strongly in the image.

This dog portrait photograph became the first I had printed on a larger scale and currently sits proudly above the sofa in the living room.