Holiday Snaps – the curse of the photographer

Boats docked at the Dalyan river in Turkey

Dalyan river, Dalyan, Turkey

Not in anyway to suggest that I am a great photographer but in spending as much time as I do learning and taking photos, I would hope I have developed certain skills in the art.¬† Before being as interested in photography as I am now, I, like many other people who possess a camera would relish I’m capturing the key moments in their life which may includes holidays. However with the development of my skill, so did my growing criticism of my work, there came a point where on holiday, I was looking for angles and interesting shots rather than keeping a visual memory of families together in forgiven lands (and those not so far away). This is the curse of the photographer.

In the past there would be snapshots of standing in important or funny locations, however of recent years (which I hope to put down to photography rather than maturity), my photos have tended to focus on what would be the most appealing shot to take rather than capturing the moment together. This would not mean to say I was not looking to capture family candids, however, there may have been less group shots.

Castle Square, Warsaw

Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland

Also, rather than using a point and shoot camera or phone which takes 5 seconds to turn on and snap the photo, I now have to take my camera out the bag (where it usually stays), change the zoom range, twiddle some dials then take the photo. ¬†Then… check the exposure and try again.

Of course my deeper love of photography has resulting in an improved quality and more shots of interest which I will treasure, but sometimes there comes the time where a photographer decided to leave the big gear behind, not primarily because of safety but because having the weight and ‘need’ to take interesting photos can sometimes spoilt the enjoyment of a lazy walk.

Hellenic Parliament, Athens

Hellenic Parliament, Athens, Greece

However, when it comes the time to take that perfect shot, I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself that I did not choose to take the good gear.